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post seven lines from the seventh page of a WIP

So, I was tagged by brokenhighways to do this meme about WIPs. I thought this was fun, until I realized that I really haven't had any works lately that were seven pages in length. (Whoops?) I found something that I wrote a few months ago and just never got around to posting (or finishing, because working full-time is draining...)

Fandom: The Mentalist
Details: Basically a childhood!fic, involving Craig O'Laughlin and Grace Van Pelt. Starring Bret Stiles and Ray Haffner. :D

“Grace Averie,” Jeremy chided. Grace looked up at him and fluttered her eyelashes, innocently, before he rolled his eyes. “You aren’t fooling me, young lady. You can’t keep a human as a pet.”

          “But, Daddy!” Grace argued, placing her hands on the young boy’s arm. “I would take excellent care of him! I wouldn’t hit him or anything!” Jeremy eyed his daughter in confusion. Where in the world had she come up with the idea that she wouldn’t hurt him? “I’d feed and water him, Daddy! He could stay in my room and play dolls with me!” 

          “Does him have a name?” Jeremy asked, crossing his arms against to chest. Grace looked to her new friend for a split second, before she motioned for him to speak.

          “Daddy isn’t mean,” Grace told the little boy in a not so whisper. “Daddy just expects an answer.”

The little boy nodded, still looking down at the carpeted floor. “My name is Craig, sir.”

Jeremy frowned. He truly disliked making snap judgments, but the picture before him wasn’t a good one. Grace obviously knew something he didn’t; and the boy’s baggy (and dirty) clothing told Jeremy a story he knew all too well.
Baby!Grace is probably one of my favorite things I've written this year, tbh. Maybe I'll eventually get back to it, once Big Bang season is over. :D

ANYWAY...I suppose I should tag people but I'm just going to let anyone, who feels like doing this do this!
Tags: fandom: the mentalist, wip meme
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