Amber (sirenofodysseus) wrote,

100 Things Challenge: more reasons to never sleep

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

So, after much thinking and deliberation...I have decided I'm going to go ahead and take the plunge. I need to thank my entire f-list, who seriously provided me with enough encouragement to actually try this. With that being said, I have given much thought into possible topics: 100 books that have made me smile/100 movies that I need to see/100 things about {insert show here} that make me have feelings/100 pictures of penguins in hats...(the last one isn't a joke.)

Isn't she cute, guys?

But I quickly realized that I can't do any of that (besides the 100 pictures of penguins in crazy/creepy hats), because it would be really hard to choose out of so many things in my life. So, in the end I decided to write 100 one-shots for The Mentalist {note: crossovers between TM/something else do count} and maybe in turn, write 100 commentaries on said fics. It's a huge project, I know...but I need more reasons to better my writing, before I decide to start writing a novel again.

Now, because writing 100 one-shots will take time (and ideas, that I clearly don't have stockpiled at the moment)...I'm going to ask for prompts; I will take any pairing, genre, for the possible crossovers though, just ask...because I might surprise you with what I can attempt to write. ;)

(Another note: entries for this "100 Things" will be public. I will still be keeping all my other journal entries friends only. :D)
Tags: challenge: 100 things
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