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Holiday Fics 2011

~Holiday Fics 2011~

Day Thirty-One: Louder than Words, Castle/The Mentalist, (let it be known, Patrick Jane thought as he clutched the check in his hands, the "psychic" truth always hurts.)

Day Thirty: hearts that don't love, The Mentalist, (He needs this, as much as she does. J/L)

Day Twenty-Seven: Apologies within a Zoo, The Mentalist, (the animals hadn't just been apologies for his past transgressions.)

Day Twenty-Five: Respect, The Mentalist, (you should always pay respect to the dead.)

Day Twenty-Four: Girl Like You, The Mentalist, ("It wouldn't matter what I was or who I am, as long as you would be the one investigating me." L/M)

Day Twenty-Three: Alone, The Mentalist, (She just knows she can't be alone tonight, Cho/Van Pelt.)

Day Twenty-Two: The Placing of Guilt, The Mentalist, (Her guilt is nothing more than a Band-Aid, something she can get rid of at anytime.)

Day Twenty-One: Alternate Universes, The Mentalist/The X-Files, (Lisbon is excited, and Jane is curious.)

Day Nineteen: Lost in Paradise, The Mentalist, (it's a twisted and bitter world you live in, isn't it?)

Day Eighteen: Short Hair, The Mentalist, ("Are you trying to hint I should get a haircut?")

Day Seventeen: After Hours, The Mentalist, ("How do you do it?")

Day Fifteen: Again, Body of Proof, (Megan scoffed, "when has that stopped you before?")

Day Fourteen: Insanity Plea, The Mentalist, (He never left his white room a second time.)

Day Eleven: Sanitary, The Mentalist, ("are you sure this is sanitary?")

Day Nine: Drowning, The Mentalist, (you have become way too important to be tossed aside now.)

Day Seven: Red Mistletoe and Purloined Muffins, The Mentalist, ("You know what I mean, Jane." Lisbon replied. "I'm not bringing you a blueberry muffin for just undoing all your own heinous work in the first place.")

Day Four: Petting Goats and Hotel Bars, The Mentalist/Castle, (but if the faux order could cause the consultant to look completely uncomfortable--she didn't feel too badly for lying.)

Day Three: Shatter, The Mentalist, (But deniability meant absolutely nothing if (or when) you are six-feet under.

Day Two: Gods of the Underworld, The Mentalist, ("Together," she feels his hot breath linger on her ear again. "We shall rule the Underworld.")

Day One: Tread Lightly, Agent Lisbon, The Mentalist, ("Eventually, we both know he will leave you...")
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