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Fic Masterlist

The Fic Masterlist

Updated: 11.05.12

Body of Proof:

+ Again

Megan scoffed, "when has that stopped you before?" Curtis/Ethan friendship.

+ how it all began

Out of everybody Peter worked with, he never thought it would be Megan confronting him. Meter -Megan/Peter- friendship. 2nd piece in the "get it back to good" series.

+ so many false alarms

Five years certainly, didn't change the fact that she had once lost everything, and then was left to pick up the pieces on her own. Megan Hunt/Peter Dunlop friendship. Spoilers for 1x09; Broken Home.

Body of Proof/The Mentalist:

+ Chameleon

Todd Fleming led two completely different lives.

Castle/The Mentalist:

+ Louder than Words

Pre-TM/Pre-Castle. Richard Castle needs a psychic, and Jane is more than happy to oblige…

+ Petting Goats and Hotel Bars

But if the faux order could cause the consultant to look completely uncomfortable--she didn't feel too badly for lying.

Tetris/The Mentalist:

+ Scarlet Rectangles

The X-Files/The Mentalist:

+ Alternate Universes

Lisbon is excited, and Jane is curious.


+ Barkin’ Up the Shop—incomplete

Solving a crime and selling a few goldfish at the same time is easy, especially when you're Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster.

The Mentalist:

+ Ache

+ Accidents Happen

+ Acclimatize

+ Acrimonious (NC-17)  

After FBI Agent Susan Darcy is overheard telling Special-Agent-in-Charge Luther Wainwright that Patrick Jane may be working with Red John, Red John steals Jane’s body and begins to destroy the team’s lives one-by-one.

+ Administered Medication—incomplete

"Consultant Annoying sounds like Animal Hunting, just without the permits and the gun." Team. Spoilers for 4x23/4x24.

+ After Hours

“How do you do it?" (Van Pelt/Lisbon friendship)

+ all but means nothing

+ Allegation

+ Alone

She just knows she can't be alone tonight. Van Pelt/Cho.

+ Amaranthine

An entire collection of fics revolving around Grace Van Pelt and Patrick Jane; all genres. Current: Bartering, ""Does this," she pointed at the dark lump in her sink, "look like a cake to you?" J/VP.

+ Amendment of the Heart

Yes, he did like her—she didn't know that, and he preferred it to stay that way. J/L

+ Anger Management

“I had a rather friendly chat with Director Bertram yesterday.” Lisbon explained. “He thought you joining me in my six-month anger management classes would be a great idea.” J/L-ish.

+ Apologizes Within a Zoo

+ Bloodletting—incomplete

Sequel to “Chasing the Storm”. AU Pirate. “Just because Red John, O’Laughlin and Carter are dead, it doesn’t mean everything died with them.”

+ Bloody Red Roses

He wasn't the only person who thanked you, was he? Written for the Paint It Red December 2011 Challenge.

+ Chasing the Storm

AU Pirate. “Watch what you say,” Lisbon growled. “Or I’ll slit your throat and leave your body for the rats.”

+ Claret and Waxen

The slight smile on his face makes her wonder if she’s not missing something entirely, all together.

+ Closets, Paintings, and Shattered Revelations

“Of course." He responded. "I have many pictures of you—my favorite has to be the one where you're not wearing…" SMACK. Jane uncrossed his arms to move his hand to his throbbing cheek. "I was going to say gun!" J/L

+ Confessions of a Red Martyr

Lisbon's heart pounded in her chest, did she…did she just admit to a room full of people, two cameras, a talk show host and Jane himself that she...loved him? J/L.

+ Consequences of Wishing, The

If he was right, then why did it hurt so much to leave her? J/L Jello-Forever April 2010 Challenge: Wishes.

+ Cordial

After that, it didn’t take too long to connect the dots. PJ/GVP.

+ Curiosity Killed the Cat

It hadn't been the lack of banter between the two, or something majorly different between the two of them but it was just enough to make him wonder—what exactly was the relationship between the two? J/L

+ Decadence

She had a duty to serve every whimsical order her master bestowed upon her, without hesitation. L/VP. RJ/VP. Femslash

+ Departure (Part 3 of the Killer Vacation series)

Out of all the things Lisbon had thought they'd do in their relationship of five years; going on a vacation together had never once entered her mind. TL/RJ. Sequel to Informant.

+ Differences

"I didn't need to know that you weren't wearing boxers, Jane." Van Pelt shuttered. "For some women, I guess that's a turn on…" Summer Secret Santa 2010 gift for Just Mosie.

+ Dread

Five times Red John could have killed the team.

+ Drowning

You have become way too important to be tossed aside now. RJ/TL.

+ Duplicity

AU 4.24— Her last words, much like the temptress of a woman who had spoken them out loud, could have held more meanings and there was only so much time left for them both. J/L.

+ First of Many Times, The

Patrick Jane's first apology to the Senior Agent of the Serious Crimes Unit, Teresa Lisbon was bittersweet. For the Jello-Forever July 2010 Challenge: Lemonade.

+ Girl Like You

+ Gods of the Underworld

“Together,” she feels his hot breath linger on her ear again. “We shall rule the Underworld.” RJ/TL.

+ Happy

+ he always gets what he wants

Patrick Jane always got what he wanted, even if that meant using her in the process, to get Teresa Lisbon back exactly where she belonged—in his arms. J/L, J/VP.

+ Hey Jealousy

"You have nothing to be jealous about either," he tells her quietly. L/R

+ Howl

The rising of your chest, is like the rising of the salty water that splashes into your half-lidded eyes.

+ Infiltration

+ Informant (Part 2 of Killer Vacation series)

"Yeah?" Lisbon questioned with a small smile. "Me too." L/RJ. Sequel to Sanctuary.

+ Insanity Plea

He never left his white room a second time. Patrick Jane/Sophie Miller.

+ Interpersonal Relationships

It all begins with one email. J/L

+ Into the Dawn

Post 2x23, "Instead, we're going to skip all the usual questions and we're going to get straight to the point—what the hell are you doing in my bed?" J/L-ish

+ Kidnapping 101

She had warned him "not to do anything that would require hospitalization, gain lawsuits or enact hostage situations" J/L.

+ Kingdom of the CBI, The

Lisbon's sick, Rigsby's been hypnotized and Jane's a dragon? Crack!fic prompted by watchyouwalk.

+ Lady in Red

He knew she was already beautiful, but the dress has cemented the idea in his head and he knows that he won't be able to survive work for the next week, not with the thought of Lisbon dressed like this. J/L

+ Liability

+ Liquidation

For nine months, twenty-five days, and sixteen hours ago—both of their worlds had seized to exist and they hadn't been back since. Written for The Mentalist Reverse Big Bang 2012.

+ Lost in Paradise

It's a twisted and bitter world you live in, isn't it?

+ Marshmallow Retrospective, The

Jane grinned at her perplexity of the long pink ears on his head and held out the colorful basket to her. "Do I want to know what you're doing?"

+ Mercurial

+ O Come, O Come Lisbon

Now she'd have to make it up to him, and she doubted buying him a hippopotamus would fix anything. J/L-ish. 1st in the Christmas Lights series.

+ Only So Much

Jane realizes he can't save Lisbon from everything. Set after 3x08, Ball of Fire.

+ Orgasmic Frogs

+ Placing of Guilt, The

Her guilt is nothing more than a Band-Aid; something she can get rid of at any time.

+ Preterite

She hasn't always dreamt in black and white. For the Jello-Forever August 2010 Challenge: Past Tense.

+ Red Mistletoe and Purloined Muffins

“You know what I mean, Jane.” Lisbon replied. “I’m not bringing you a blueberry muffin for just undoing all your own heinous work in the first place.”

+ Red Fleece

+ Red Silences

Four months would change everything between them. J/L-ish. Jello-Forever Secret Summer Santa 2010 Gift for Just Mosie.

+ Reminder

+ Revelry

+ Ridiculous Thoughts

Jane asks Lisbon why co-workers don’t date. Team!fic. Post 5x01.

+ Sanctuary (Part 1 of Killer Vacation series)

Sometimes, Lisbon thought, it isn't easy being with him...but we make it work. RJ/TL.

+ Sanitary

"Are you sure this is sanitary?" Van Pelt/Hightower friendship.

+ Scarlet Memory

+ Scarlet Psychosis

He wondered sometimes when he stared at his reflection in the mirror, if he was insane and then he'd forget until he didn't even know who he was staring at anymore. COMPLETE.

+ Senseless Scribbles

A collection of parody and humor based on almost every episode. 3nd, Red Brick and Ivy, : "Good people play Yatzee and Strip Poker, because they're good…and bad people are bad. So let's test your morals, shall we?"

+ Scorn

+ Servatis a Maleficum

+ Seven Serenades of Patrick Jane, The

This was going to be fun, Jane decided; he was going to serenade his 'boss' for a week straight with love songs. For The Jello-Forever February 2010 Challenge: Love Songs. J/L COMPLETE.

+ Shatter

But deniability meant absolutely nothing if (or when) you are six-feet under.

+ Short Hair

"Are you trying to hint that I should get a haircut?" J/L-ish.

+ Silly Arguments

Five silly arguments Jane and Van Pelt shared within their relationship. J/VP.

+ Solicitation  

+ Smile

+ Spring Cleaning

She should have seen that one coming, honestly. The man usually had excuses when faced with the idea of cleaning anything. VP/J.

+ Switching Red

"Just when you think his plans can't get any more idiotic. It happens." J/L-ish.

+ Sweet Surrender

“I want to see just how human Patrick has become, and you Teresa, will help me." L/J. Complete.

+ There’s No Place like Home

Falling couches, hungry scarecrows, and changing outfits was not how the movie went…but it works for Patrick Jane.

+ Those Damn Californian Sparks

When Van Pelt joined the CBI, she had expected a man's world, but she had never expected sparks to be a part of the job requirements. J/L-ish. PARODY.

+ Three Ways to Monday

He wishes that if they're together they'll finally give into the sexual tension mounting between them, considering that he's tired of coming into work every morning to deal with the obvious signs of want, desire and pent up sexual frustration. J/L-ish.

+ Today

+  Tread Lightly, Agent Lisbon

Eventually, we both know he will leave you..."

+ Unchained Melodies

He doesn't exactly remember what happened over the past twenty-four hours, it's a blur and he knows that whatever he's done; it can't be too bad. L/J. COMPLETE.

+ Weird Dreams

Jane had a weird dream, and he wants to tell Lisbon all about it. J/L-ish, R/VP-ish. Total Crack!fic.

+ What We Need To Know

AU. "Mostly." He offered. "I sometimes sing." She raised her eyebrow and he laughed softly as he shifted his guitar onto his lap. "I just remain quiet though; music often has its own way of telling us what we need to know."

+ Will You Marry Me?

He hopes that if he asks enough, she'll eventually say "yes". J/L. COMPLETE.

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